Dentures in Cypress, TX

Living without a full set of teeth is a real pain. You lose the ability to eat the foods that you love, and the teeth that you still have start to shift out of place. Tooth loss also has a large impact on your personal appearance, not only does it make you feel less confident to smile, but it changes the shape of your overall face. If you are ready to have a mouth full of teeth again, come to Emmy Dental for dentures in Cypress, TX. Our highly skilled denture dentist is able to outfit your mouth with any type of dentures you require.

Couple With Dentures in Houston, TX

Choose a Partial Denture for a Few Missing Teeth

When you are only missing a few teeth, and still have many of your own natural teeth, partial dentures are a great choice for patients who don't want to go through the surgery of having implants put in. Partial dentures are removable just like normal dentures, but they attach themselves securely between your existing teeth. If you are looking to smile fully again, but don't want something permanently places, a partial denture is the affordable choice.

Trust Our Denture Dentist When Your Teeth Are Gone

If you are at a point where you have little to no teeth left, our denture dentist is able to help. We are fully equipped to handle all of your needs, and fit you with a custom denture designed for your mouth's unique shape. Whether you need uppers, lowers, or full dentures, the staff at our office is ready to restore your ability to eat all the foods you love and smile big. Dentures greatly improve the quality of life of many of our patients, who struggle day to day with tooth loss. Let us make your mouth whole again.

Get a Permanent Solution with Our Denture Implants

Many of our patients want to have something that is truly a part of them, so they are able to feel sensations similar to their natural teeth. Denture implants are the ideal choice for many people, because they are attached directly to the bone of your jaw. This allows you to have teeth that are permanently fixed to your mouth and feel stable all the time.

Our dentists are able to help you decide what type of denture or implant is the right choice for you. Schedule an appointment today, so we are able to give you a thorough exam and find what the right choice is for you.

Contact us to get a set of professionally fitted dentures. We serve Houston, Cypress, Katy, Fulshear, and Brookshire, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas.