Dental Implants in Cypress, TX

Tooth loss isn't the end of the world. If you have lost one or more teeth, our tooth implant experts at Emmy Dental can help. Our dental implants in Cypress, TX, allow you to restore full functionality to your mouth, and give you beautiful teeth that no one is able to tell are fake. Our medical professionals use the latest technology to implant new teeth seamlessly in with your existing teeth.

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The Advantages of Teeth Implants

Implants are the next best thing to your own, natural teeth. Not only do teeth implants restore the look of your tooth, they are strong and stable enough to stand up to all of the daily wear and tear that your teeth go through. Implants are also a long-term solution to missing teeth, and as such, they are built to last for many years.

One of the greatest things about implants that our patients love is the fact that they feel so much like real teeth. Since implants are connected directly to your jawbone, they have a similar resistance and feedback like that of real teeth. This makes it easy to speak and eat with implants, because they are an actual part of your mouth. They also help preserve the bone of your jaw, which starts to deteriorate after losing your teeth. This allows teeth implants to help you retain the natural shape of your face and smile.

Get Your Tooth Implant for Us Today

Installing a tooth implant in your mouth is just one of the many ways we help patients with our cosmetic procedures. We understand that you may feel embarrassed to smile in public due to a missing tooth, and if left untreated it actually leads to more problems as well. Teeth tend to shift to fill the gap of a missing tooth, which ultimately may lead to crooked teeth that are unsightly. Implants help to prevent that from happening.

Implants are the perfect tooth replacement method for many people. Even if you don't want to get all of your teeth replaced with implants, they are often used to anchor bridges in the mouth as well. With this method of tooth replacement, you only require a couple implants, and the rest is very quick, easy, and non-invasive. Regardless of what type of tooth replacement you want, our doctors are here to help. Visit us for a full exam and get started on the road to new teeth.

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